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Madison Metropolitan School District

Academic and Career Planning

Throughout the school day, students are supported to think about how their experiences help them to grow and get closer to who and what they want to be. This is the Academic and Career Planning (ACP) Process.

MMSD is implementing Academic and Career Planning (ACP)  in grades 6-12. Check out this document to learn more about what students are working on at each grade level.

Graduate Vision

MMSD has a goal for all of our students to graduate with the skills and abilities to be successful in whatever future path they choose. This goal was developed with feedback from more than 2500 students, teachers and community members. You can see these skills below in what we call the MMSD Graduate Vision. Families are key partners in helping students to become college, career, and community ready. 

MMSD students will experience a number of different supports to help them to develop the Graduate Vision skills this year. These experiences include:

  • All students will be learning about the Graduate Vision Competencies in their Project Time classes during the month of October.

  • All students will choose at least one Graduate Vision Competency to focus on their year and will incorporate that Competency into their projects. Eighth graders will choose two Competencies.

  • Each month students will reflect on how their classroom assignments and other projects have helped them grow toward the Graduate Vision Competencies.

  • In second semester, all students will create a project that illustrates their growth toward their chosen Graduate Vision Competency(ies).

Each student will maintain an e-portfolio to hold evidence of their exploration, growth, and next steps. This portfolio is housed within Xello, a post-secondary planning website. MMSD supported our students to share this portfolio with you during the month of October.  At the end of 8th grade, students will complete a Portfolio Presentation by sharing key items from this portfolio to tell their story of growth, readiness, and next steps with an adult.

Deciding which direction to go

How do I support my student’s College, Career and Community Readiness?

Contact our ACP Coordinator!

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