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Families Finally Have a Neighborhood School in Southside Elementary

Families Finally Have a Neighborhood School in Southside Elementary

Southside Elementary School opened its doors on September 1, 2023, marking a significant moment for the community. Thanks to the 2020 facilities referendum, the area's residents finally have an elementary school located right in their neighborhood.

“We're excited to provide our students and families with a school they can call their own,” said Candace Terrell, Southside principal. “Everything in this school results from input and voice from our families.” 

Leadership at Southside Elementary

After years of being bused to Frank Allis Elementary on the east side of town, students and families living on Madison’s south side now enjoy the benefit of having a school nearby. “It's a lot easier to get my daughter ready, and then we take a five-minute walk, and we're here,” said Seyhak Mang, a Southside parent.

Annabel Torres, Southside's Assistant principal, also expressed her excitement at being part of the brand-new school. “You'll notice throughout the school there are so many vibrant colors that represent what the community asked for,” Torres said. “We're excited to offer all students and families a great learning environment.”

The school has brand-new furniture, state-of-the-art facilities, and spaces that students and staff have never had before. “We have a music room with a recording studio and a cafeteria that has a skylight, which provides us access to enhancing lights in the space,” Principal Terrell said. “And that brings in a greater sense of development with social-emotional learning."

But what really makes the school special is the joy it brings to the students. "To be able to see their expressions, 'Wow, this is my new school.' That's the fulfilling part of this entire process...because after's for them," said Terrell.

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