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Madison Metropolitan School District

Tech Support & Devices

Students use computers in the classroom.

Device Support

Call your Library Media Technology Specialist and they will help you resolve the issue. You may need to leave a message that includes your name, student's name and student ID (if available), school, contact phone number, and as many details as you can provide about what's wrong with your student's device.

Mission & Responsibilities

The mission of the Madison Metropolitan School District's Division of Technical Services is to provide the technical computing and data communications infrastructure required to support the district’s instructional mission and business functions.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Desktop environment: Replacement & maintenance of over 11,000 desktop, laptop & netbook computers in 52 schools, 2 administrative sites and 15+ alternative sites; & replacement & maintenance of all associated peripheral devices
  • LAN/WAN/Server environment: maintenance of approximately 200 file servers with multiple operating systems in 2 data centers serving an area of over 65+ square mile area; upgrades & maintenance of all associated communications devices including a Storage Area Network, switches & routers; collaborative trouble-shooting with support vendors of enterprise systems as needed
  • Enterprise application management: provide and/or support web-based applications, email systems, and library data systems, and support enterprise business applications
  • Helpdesk: staff online work-order, phone-based and on site technical support services. Staff can call 663-5853 between 7:00 am and 4:30 pm on weekdays
  • Technical Research & Development: assess, plan, and coordinate deployment of upgrades to current or new hardware and software technologies.
  • Security: maintain security for all technology systems and district data; maintain disaster recovery preparedness; maintain Internet access filtering systems; maintain data backup and archiving systems