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Madison Metropolitan School District


Dear families and students, this year we are asking families and students to add your images to our YearBook  2021-22 shared Google Folder. We need selfies and activities that you are involved with. This was a wonderful help last year and made our Yearbook very special and we would like to continue it this year. We appreciate all of your help, so start taking those pictures and turning them in! Thank you.

The option below is still available.

Please use the link below to submit images directly to  me throughout the year. Here is your chance to participate in the creation of the yearbook by submitting your images for our publication. Our goal is to include every student in the building at least 2 times this year. Help us by taking photos of students that you encounter each day. Also, appropriate photos of your favorite staff moments are also appreciated! You may also email me directly with your images as we have traditionally done in the past.

The yearbook staff reserves the right to reject any photo for any purpose that is deemed to be inappropriate by our staff for publication.

Mrs. Stilson

Instructional Technology and Yearbook Advisor